Five brand-new, unheard tracks from Molly-Anne compiled on a raw 'live & acoustic' album. Stunning and hauntingly beautiful, this newest work captures the soft and earthy tones of Molly's voice in a dreamy, live singer-songwriter format. Prepare for an intimate concert with the artist herself and just you in the audience. 


A work of honestly, soul and depth with spirited lyricism and stunning musicianship, Molly's newest work is a stripped-back and raw study into her heart. Folky, moving and full of soul, this album is a much gentler addition to Molly's discography, inspired by the singer's unwavering admiration of the natural world, love stories and a deep longing of the heart. 


Complete in a beautiful recycled cardboard sleeve with stunning artwork design, the perfect addition to your collection of Molly-Anne's work or a lovely gift for your loved ones. 


Please let us know if you'd like your purchase signed!

Autumn Leaves